The Piano (la leçon de piano) par Michael Nyman

February 18, 2019

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The Piano (la leçon de piano) par Michael Nyman

Titre de livre: The Piano (la leçon de piano)

Auteur: Michael Nyman

Broché: 32 pages

Date de sortie: April 30, 1990

ISBN: 9780711933224

Éditeur: Music Sales Ltd

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Six original compositions for solo piano, by Michael Nyman, from the award winning film by Jane Campion. English composer Michael Nyman has developed into one of the most popular, if not important, composers of film music, and his film score for the 1992 film The Piano is without doubt the most famous and familiar of his compositions. The tone of Campion's film is perfectly emphasised by Nyman's style and though much here is beautiful and rich, it is a haunting and foreboding sound picture that reflects the greys of sea, sky and spirit. CONTENTS: Michael Nyman: 1. Big My Secret, 2. The Mood That Passes Through You, 3. Silver-Fingered Fling, 4. Deep Sleep Playing, 5. The Attraction Of The Pedalling Ankle, 6. The Heart Asks Pleasure First (The Promise/The Sacrifice). Printed Music PIANO SOLO Grade level: 6,7,8 BEST SELLER!

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